Wear protection ceramic resistant  ceramic lining
  • Hexagonal/ square ceramic tile

    Application: The products, which are of excellent wear-resistance, impact-resistance, easy operation are ideal surface wear-resisting material for material transfer equipment in mining.

  • Alumina ceramic pipe

    Abrasion resistant ceramic tube lining (also called ceramic tubes or ceramic cylinder rings) mainly include ceramic elbow bend pipe, straight pipe liner tees, reducer pipes, etc.

  • Rubber composite ceramic tile

    Alumina Ceramic rubber composite liner with excellent impact resistance, abrasion resistance.Ceramic rubber composite liner Features:High wear and abrasion resistance.Long wear life.

  • Alumina ceramic tile

    The chandelier can be adjusted to the height you like, immersing you in a mysterious atmosphere. The crystal-clear glass crystal pendant on the ornate chrome base is particularly eye-catching, while the top is accented with a fiber shade.

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