• Hexagonal ceramic tile/ square ceramic tile

    This product is adhesive the small pieces of hexagonal ceramic tile, used for mining industry. The products, which are of excellent wear-resistance, impact-resistance, easy operation are ideal su

    2019/12/12 Betty 37

  • Cylinder grinding ceramic ball

    Today, let us talk about some technical information about cylinder ceramic ball. The main size of cylinder ball is 21*21 and 32*32 mm cylinder. Latin American customer have large demand about this kin

    2019/07/17 徐静 71

  • Rubber composite ceramic lining

    Rubber composite liner with excellent impact resistance, abrasion resistance are widely used in Mining industry.Ceramic rubber composite liner Features:High wear and abrasion resistance.Long wear life

    2019/07/15 徐静 48

  • 2019 Guangzhou Industry ceramic exhibition

    We just finished our 2019 Guanzhou industry ceramic exhibition. Our alumina ceramics  are very popular. Especially about the Hexagonal ceramic tile, weldable ceramic tile and cylinder ceramic, ru

    2019/07/04 62

  • Introduction of wear-resistant ceramics for coal-fired power plant equipment

    Wear-resistant ceramics are used in many important equipment in coal-fired power plants:1, Belt conveyor: roller rubber or outer arc plate, belt cleaner2, electric (liquid) three-way feeder: 15-20 thi

    2019/06/03 100

  • A comprehensive understanding of ceramic balls

    Ceramic balls are divided into packing ceramic balls and grinding ceramic balls.Packing ceramic balls are widely used in petroleum, chemical, fertilizer, natural gas and environmental protection indus

    2019/05/30 70

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